Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Haircut

So apparently Matthew got tired of waiting for me to cut Josie's hair (and his own) and decided to take matters into his own hands.

This earned him loss of watching TV and playing his (age-appropriate) computer games for the rest of Thursday and all of Friday. Thursday afternoon, I did damage control.
I managed to keep the front long (this is important for later), but made the back all spiky. It's actually cute.

See how long the top and front are?

Friday morning, I came downstairs to the kitchen, and he had a guilty look on his face and both hands behind his back (not before I saw a pair of scissors, though). Turns out he had TWO pair of scissors (one in each hand). I spanked his butt all the way to the bottom of the stairs. He went to his room.

THEN I realized he'd cut his sister's hair, AGAIN. I went upstairs, spanked him again, and took every toy out of his room, including his trains.

This time he cut into the top.

So he was grounded to his room (with NO toys except crayons, coloring books, and books to read until Saturday dinner time. What does he do on Saturday? He colors all over his bedroom walls with the crayons. So those were taken away too, leaving him with books he can't read.

This is what the back looks like without any product in it. Not to bad at all.

It's a good thing it's just hair and she's pretty damn cute no matter what her brother manages to do to her!

And she's now potty-trained! We're still working on pooping in the toilet, but she's got the potty part down! YAY! No more diapers! Which is good, cause we really can't afford them anymore.


Nuke said...

Get him into a stylist school ASAP. If he can't control his need to cut hair, at leas this way he will do a nicer job. Nice damage control BTW, I'm no Mommy but I thought you did a great job adjusting!

Ordinary Girl said...

She still looks adorable. I like the new cut, although I'll credit your skills as a mom and stylist with that.

Doc said...

how's littl one doing with the combination of hair trauma and potty training - i know that haircut would have been enough to set back several women in their early 30s...

; ' )

Anonymous said...

Is it terrible that this entry made me laugh my ass off? HAHAHA! I loved it!