Monday, July 28, 2008

There are no words

There are no words I can say that will bring you comfort, my friend, and I'm 160 miles away, so I cannot hold you the way I want to. Not yet. Soon.

Soon I will drive the 3 hours between us to hold your hand as we say goodbye to your love for the final time. Soon I will hold you as you scream about the unfairness of life you are left with. I will cry for you, as I cry for you now. We will cry together for another life precious to you has left, in such an ugly way.

Come January, when you should have been celebrating your wedding with your love, I will be there as the memories of what should have been take over and try to crush you. I will hold you, and help you stay strong.

You are stronger than you thought, and stronger than one person should ever have to be. My heart aches for you, truly it does.

I'll be there soon. Not as soon as I'd like (you know, in three hours), but soon enough.


Nuke said...

My best thoughts to you and your friend.

Nightmare said...

Keeping the good vibes headed your way.