Friday, April 4, 2008

Regaining myself

Faith, I know I promised you this post months ago, but for various reasons, I'm only now getting around to it.

As many of you who read this blog on a regular basis, I've recently lost the extra weight that I had after Josie was born. Sadly, my boobs went with the weight. I went from this:

to this:

And anything you see in the last picture is mainly from Vicky's. My actual boobs don't fill a B cup anymore.

So, calls were made, , research was done, money put aside, and consultations were had.

Then my shower broke. Fortunately, our neighbor is going to help us fix it, and we have a shower downstairs that we've been using, so there's no urgency to get it fixed. *whew*

So I now have pre-surgery appointment with Dr. Bennett on Friday, April 25th (two days before my birthday!), and hopefully by the end of today I will have an appointment for surgery on Wednesday, May 14th.

I'm so excited! May's going to be a busy month anyway, but I really wanted to get this done before summer officially starts.

edited: Appointment made for 11:00am! squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


"The D" said...

DIBBS!! on the first squeeze!


I'm just kidding!! I keed, I keed!

emawkc said...

I can't wait to see the after pictures!

Xavier Onassis said...

Hey D, I'm gonna go WAAAYY out on a limb me crazy...but I'm guessing Keith will be motorboating the new cans long before your grubby little mits get near them.

But should your time ever come D, I'll be there to toss a couple of pickles your way, send you running away screaming like a little girl and I'll jump in line ahead of ya.

'Cause that's just how I roll.

Janet said...


You guys crack me up!

Fate said...

Glad to hear things are going well!

Faith said...

Wow! So exciting! Sista, I am Jealous with a capital J! I'm just trying to get in touch with one of the doctors that's been recommended to me for my own augmentation (which won't happen until next year...), but I can't wait - canNOT wait! - until I can have my own body adjusted so that I can look at myself and not feel absolutely disgusted anymore.

Happy boobies to you! Can't wait to chat more about it when we have the chance to see you again...

Kanga said...

Pretty hot either way, I think.