Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's definitely winter.

Blah. I hate cold. I hate being cold, I hate having a cold (now turned into a sinus infection, yay!), I hate cold weather with a passion. Sadly, that passion doesn't really keep me warm, either.

In other news, Keith says we're going to get a nice tax refund back from the government. He asked me what I wanted to do with the money, and since I'd forgotten how much he told me we were getting back, I said we could just put it in savings, then figure out what to do with it. He repeated how much we were getting back, then asked me if I wanted to redo our master bath, or get new boobs.

What? Like that's even a choice? We all remember THIS rant, right?

So I'll be calling around starting tomorrow, and set up some consultations. I've already had a couple of recommendations, but if you have any, or any names of doctors I should stay away from, let me know.

And for the record, I'm now down to 130 lbs, but I'm actually smaller than I've ever been in my entire adult life. I had to go jean shopping a few weeks ago, my size 6's were to big! GAH! I HATE jean shopping. I recently bought two new dresses, including this one (in black) for Keith's upcoming work party, and I bought both of them in a size 4! I've NEVER been a size 4 anything! Now my jeans and my dresses are size 4. It's a bit odd getting used to, that's for sure. I still have my curves, thank the IPU. That dress looks way better on me that it does on the model!


Xavier Onassis said...

I'm predicting a very special blog meet sometime in 2008 when we all get to meet Janets new cans. Er, I'm sorry...rack. No that's not right. Sweater hams! Yeah, that's it. Sweater hams.

I can't wait. I'll bring chips.

ordinary girl said...

That dress is hot!

Now I'm going to have to start calling you that skinny, little bitch because you're so tiny. No fair! I haven't lost weight in 4 months for trying. What's your secret?