Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Returning to normal

Thank the IPU.

The washing machine is working again! YAY!

The drama from NYE is mostly past. There's still a few details left to wrap up, but for the most part, it's over. (If you don't know, you don't want to know, it's just stupid.)

And I'm totally in love with the new Linkin Park CD.


Bea said...

Oh! But I want to know what happened... Kidding.

Yes, Linkin' Park newest album is awesome!

Spyder said...

So glad things are getting better!

sageweb said...

Love Linkin' Park way better then Lee Greenwood.

Ambitious Fledgling said...

"In cards and flowers on your window,
Your friends all plead for you to stay.
Sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple.
Sometimes goodbye’s the only way."

I love this damn song.