Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mmmmmm, jello shots.....

They make you do crazy things!

Although I don't think Jake Blues would
have EVER made that particular face!

So last night was the local blogger's Halloween party. Spyder should have list of everyone that attended, and File Girl brought a BUNCH of fabulous jello-shots that were quite tasty!

We had an absolute blast! Thanks, Spyder, for setting it all up, and thank you Dan (and your lovely wife) for hosting.

And for those of you that just HAVE to see them, I give you:




Kristine said...

The socks: Sexayyy! But I really liked your purple and black tights! :) Great to party with you last night!

A Librarian said...

I hope you don't start have to block comments because of all the crazed men who will be flocking to your site to see your socks.

Janet said...

LOL, one can only hope!

Spyder said...

Damn that was fun!

Fate said...

Glad you had fun! :)