Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, tonight sucked.

I managed to sew the pants to Matthew's costume completely wrong and had to rip everything out. Not to mention that it's WAY too big for him. It should fit him by next year, if I ever get it sewed right. So now I get to go buy him a costume, which means he will probably be a pirate since no one has any Indian costumes.

Our babysitter that we've had scheduled for a month for this Saturday night just canceled, they rescheduled a game that had been rained out two weeks ago and she has to cheer. I have no possible way of finding a new sitter with such short notice, and the kids just spent last weekend with Grammy. I've already gone out with out Keith once this month, I'll be damned if I'm doing again.



emawkc said...

This reminds me of something my granddad used to tell me...
"Sometimes, life has a way of really sucking."

He was a great guy.

Spyder said...

Can he wear warm clothes under so it will fit better & he'll won't get cold?