Monday, October 15, 2007

Breaking news!

(Faith, you are SO not going to want to read this!)

In my quest to lose the baby weight that attached itself to my body, I've lost almost half of my goal. However, today I tried on my wedding dress (from six year ago and my ideal weight) for a friend looking for a muse. And.... IT FITS! (mostly). It's really only fitted right underneath the bust, so the extra padding in my tummy area was covered.

Oh, and these jeans, yeah, they're hanging low, and hopefully in another month I'll be able to downsize!

(Faith, I told you you weren't going to like me very much, especially since this is AFTER all that lovely stroganoff! You can blame my genes.)


Faith said...

Bitch. :P

And your bitchin' genes.

I got the kind that make me gain 4 pounds from drinking a glass of beer. You got the "not fair!" kind.

Funny how these bodies of ours work, eh? Dammit...

Well Hell Michelle said...

Congrats! You looked fabulous at the last blogger meetup.

KC Sponge said...

Yeah, how do the girls who have the not-get-fat gene ALSO get the amazing hair gene?

Life's not fair. =)

Janet said...

Curly Girl, by Lorraine Massey.

This will be your bible. Go get one, NOW

It also helps that I went to cosmetology school and learned how to accept my straight-as-a-broomstick hair.