Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So I've been banned from my ex-jw forum. For telling a couple of people to stop the cycle of judgment.

The irony kills me.


Logtar said...

Forum DRAMA!!! LINK, LINK, LINK! I feel ther troll inside me waking up :)

Like any community there are rules and sometimes they seem to be the same rules of the place you united (even against.) weird isn't.

Janet said...

I can't link! I've been banned! lol

This is strictly a case of wtf?! I didn't cuss at anyone, I didn't attack anyone, I didn't break any of the forum rules, and I wasn't given notice. In fact, the offending post has vanished, and there has been no mention of my banning.

It's like I don't exist there anymore, and I was never questioned or allowed a defense.

Putri ♥ said...

heyy. please follow me. I'll follow back! Thanks.
p/s :: OMFG! I love your blog. it's simple really, but obviously niceee!
xoxo Putri :)