Friday, October 16, 2009


So I wanted to be "involved" in my childrens' schooling. Not helicopter style, but enough that the teachers could use the "I'll call your mom" and actually mean it, because they know who I am.

So what's the best way to be "involved"? Volunteering with the PTA, of course.

My job? Collecting the Campbell's label UPC codes. Such a glamorous life I lead, let me tell you!

And guess what? The label without the UPC code is worthless! No points for you!

Stacks of labels with no UPC codes... Need to make that a bit more obvious the next time for the parents.

I personally delivered to each teacher (in their mailbox at school) a ziplock bag with their name/grade on it because the class with the most points wins a party. All they had to do was put the labels/UPC codes in the specified baggies and put them in a box in the office.

Is it ethical to put all the unmarked labels in the bag for my child's class?

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