Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The knife keeps turning

So last week, my two precious babies went down to my parents' for three whole nights.

The first night they were gone, Keith got me so drunk I couldn't walk a straight line. The next day we went to Spin for lunch, then went and saw HP & HBP, which was just awesome. (even though you know that hand is coming up out of the water, you still jump!)

We ate Jack Stack for lunch on Friday, then hit my favorite sushi bar for dinner. Fate met up with us there and showed us the ring he bought for Fin, and we put together a plan to surprise her on Sunday. Saturday I put our plan in action, and we picked up the kids.

Now, while transferring the kids and all their stuff, my dad asked my mom where the large white envelope of pictures was, and she responded that it was in Josie's bag. I really should have got it out right then and there, but I didn't.

So putting all the kids clothes in the laundry, I find this envelope, and I open it. Inside is a book, and a picture of myself at age 3 that I've previously asked my mother for a copy of. Yay!

Except the book is pictures of my youngest brother's wedding. The one that they LIED to me about, pretending it wasn't happening, the one they were just going to tell me about after it was over. The same brother who still refuses to answer the phone when I call him or return my messages.

If I'd opened it while still with my parents, I would have handed it back to my mom, telling her I didn't want it, because I have no room for cowards in my life. I may still send it back, I haven't really decided yet.

So there's all this emotion going through me, and I know I've got to pull it together by Sunday, when Andrew proposed to Kris. I manage, and on Sunday my tears were happy ones.

Last night, I had a dream where I totally reamed my baby brother out for all the shit he's done, and then I had Andrew's shoulder to cry on. I woke up feeling awesome, and ready to kick this wedding's butt, cause damn! we've only got two months to plan it!

Come September 19th, I'm going to stand up for the man who has truly become my brother, and I couldn't be more proud of him, or happier that he's found the perfect woman for him. It's just a bonus that it's my best friend he's found!

Somebody needs to remember the very large box of kleenex, cause I'm gonna be bawling!


Stacey said...

Wow, that is cowardly. Sorry that is happening.

Congrats on your friends though, sounds wonderful! and 2 months? AAACK! Good times.

GB, RN said...

You're brother sounds like a turd. In the end, it will come back and bite him on the ass. Hard.

Send the book back. What the hell was your mother thinking? You can even state that you don't know why she wants to give you pictures of stranger people you don't know.

But remember, I'm an asshole, so you should only take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

Sometimes, the family we chose is better than the one we were given in the first place.