Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Flood of 2009

It seems like every year, something big goes wrong in our house. Last year it was our upstairs A/C unit. It died. In the middle of August. Which, if you live or have ever lived in the Midwest, you know how miserable it can be without a/c. We've recovered from that finally.

This year, thanks to a potty training princess who liked to use to much toilet paper, we had a flood.

Basically, there was toilet paper stuck in the pipe from a previous usage, and when she flushed it, the rubber stopper in the bottom of the tank did not seal, so the toilet overflowed and ran for 15-20 minutes before I noticed the issue.

Now, I don't have any pictures of the bathroom while it was flooded. In fact, the bathroom has no damage what-so-ever. But there was an inch of water in my bathroom.

The kitchen, however, was not so lucky.

There was half an inch of water on my kitchen floor, and an inch in my stove top.

And the basement under the kitchen? Well...

So now our kitchen ceiling looks like this:

And our basement ceiling looks like this:

As of right now, we have not taken down the sheet rock in the kitchen, but there is about the equivalent of two sheets that need to be replaced. We have taken down the nasty pop-corn crap and Keith has started the refinishing of the non-damaged area so we can paint when it's repaired.

Anyone have a set of sheet-rock stilts that Keith can borrow? His neck hurts.


A Librarian said...

Oh yuck! I knew you were working on the ceiling but I had no idea it was that bad. Hugs don't seem like they will do it so how about some virtual drinks until I can buy you a real one.

Kanga said...

If Kieth needs getting the sheet rock up, let me know. I also know my way around tape and mud.