Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

Are you voting?

I am. And I'm taking my kids with me, instead of just waiting for Keith to get home before I go.

Because when my kids ask me, I want to tell them that they were with me when I voted in this historical election, that they got to take part, even though they couldn't vote (because they're 5 and 2, they'd vote for Sportacus or the Imagination Movers).

Because no matter who wins, it's still a 'first'. I just hope that we know by tomorrow, and not have to wait a week like in 2000.

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Faith said...

I remember going wih my mom when she voted when I was a kid. Good for you! I heard that some polling places have kid-size voting booths, so they can fill out their own "ballot" while you vote. Its supposed to help with the fear that some people associate with voting. I never had that fear, so I'm not sure what they mean, but it was something that was being discused on NPR yesterday afternoon, so I fgure it must be a problem for some!

I hope they remember this when they get older. :)