Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yeah, my hair has been bugging me again, so I had the back chopped. The front is still long, though.

After cut, before color:

Yes, this is the color of the chemicals I put in my hair!

It makes my hair this color:

Pretty, huh?


Spyder said...

Looks great!

Heather said...


emawkc said...

Long in front, short in back. Is that, like, a reverse mullet?

Anyway, looks awesome!

Faith said...


Amanda said...

From one short haired redhead to another- I am loving the hair. I am growing out a pixie right now and HATING it! Any advice?

Spyder said...

Amanda- You could do like I did & shave your head. (http://myspyderweb.blogspot.com/2008/04/no-longer-april-fools-day.html )