Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stupid Weather.

It's March 15th. Wednesday, it was so nice we went to the park and didn't wear our jackets! Josie had to do what all the big kids were doing, so she learned how to walk on the concrete wall all by herself.

Yesterday was my nail appointment, and we both got our toes done up for St. Patrick's Day. Aren't these the cutest green toes you've ever seen?!

My toes aren't nearly as cute. But they're green none-the-less.

Today, despite the SNOW, we took the kids to the Garmin annual Easter Egg hunt. Because of the weather, it was held inside, not that our kids cared, they still refused to take their coats off. They had the kids hunt in age groups, so I took Josie and Keith took Matthew.

She figured out pretty quickly the name of the game!

Josie's haul (and Keith's hand):

Matt's haul:

The prize bunny basket that Josie won and both of the baskets:

Happy boy!

Too busy eating candy to smile for mommy:

Yes, the Godless Atheist Heathens took their kids on an Easter Egg Hunt! The irony does not escape me, but damn! the kids had so much fun! And that's what it's all about, right?


Spyder said...

Glade! you all had a good tim

Ordinary Girl said...

Beautiful photos!

I miss the nice weather. Today would have been a good day to sleep in. I love falling asleep while listening to the rain.