Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So, I ran out of time to post that we were leaving for the weekend last week, (and I didn't really want to let any stalkers know we weren't going to be home for 3 days.)

We drove down to Springfield during the precious nap time, so the kids were asleep, which made for a really nice, quiet drive. Right before we left, I got a package in the mail from a friend who lives in Canada. He sent me a lovely CD that I'd asked him to pick up for me since it wasn't available here in the states. Which CD you ask? Staring Down the Sun by Tal Bachman! You remember that guy, right? He did this song way back in the day:

Still love it.

Anyway. We listened to my lovely new CD on the way down to Springfield. (Thanks Alex!)

We stopped off at my mom & dad's house for a bit when we hit town, then went to McSalty's Pizza for dinner. It's my favorite pizza joint in Springfield, bar none.

Then we went and checked in at the Residence Inn Marriott. Absolutely awesome hotel. We had a two room, one bedroom suite, with kitchenette. It was perfect. (Although next time I'm getting the two bedroom suite for just a bit MORE privacy from the kids!) It even had a balcony so the kids could go "outside".

Saturday, we took the kids to the park and then the Nature Center, then met a friend for lunch. Took the kids to a different park because the weather was just too awesome not to spend it outside. Then it was dinner with my aunt and uncle at Bandana's BBQ. Not as good as Jack Stack, but still pretty darn tasty.

Sunday we went to a park again, then went to lunch with my oldest brother, Tom, and his wife Andra. In the afternoon, we went back to the hotel, where I had too much time to think about the bombshell my brother had dropped on me during lunch.

Then we took the kids over to my mom's and left them while we went out to dinner with the only person to have been in BOTH of my weddings. I love Jerusha, and her husband Ken is pretty darn cool. We ate at Ocean Zen, which was excellent, if a bit pricey. Their Pomegranate Lemon Drop Martinis were very yummy.

Then Monday morning we packed everyone up in the CRV and headed home before the rain turned to ice.

All in all, a really good weekend, with moments of toxic religion. The kids were awesome the whole trip, and especially good while we ate out, which was a lot!


A Librarian said...


Spyder said...

I second the mmmmmm... martinis!

Faith said...

Wait, I wanna know what the bombshell was! Do we get to find out eventually?

Janet said...

the bombshell is that my youngest brother is getting married. In a month. And they weren't going to tell me.