Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I HATE cleaning. Of course, I never dust anything in my house, so when I do finally get around to doing the deep cleaning, it's quite thick. In most rooms, a swiffer works just fine. But the bathroom where I use all my hair stuff? It's just nasty.

And, I'd rather paint my toenails than clean.


Kristina said...

ha ha? That's all I've got. Wanna come clean my house next?

Janet said...

fuck no!

Saturday, we're doing the great-room, moving desks around and kicking the toys to the basement. Maybe even moving bookcases. Should be fun! NOT.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't we have been born rich... and with maids? Sigh. :)

Faith said...

I'm with you Janet...I'm terrible when it comes to dust. (And Leo - a.k.a. the "Hubby" - cleans the bathroom. He complains a LOT about the hair and stuff he has to clean up in there, but I clean the kitchen, so we're even steven, I think.)

Missed you last night!