Monday, November 12, 2007

Recent inbox funny.

So yesterday, I'm sitting at my computer, minding my own business (probably editing my post or surfing), and I get an email. From Mr. Paul Austin.


i saw your blog - may i talk with you?

My first thought is "which blog?", followed by "maybe he's an ex-jw needing help or a current jw trying to bring me back into the fold." So I bite.


This is what I get in reply:

thanks for being so friendly

sorry just feeling sad and looking for anyone to talk too - sad cause of stuff in my life - medical stuff - a lot of people torment me or use my condition to hurt me - suffered a lot from both kids and adults - i wanted to go public with what was done to me but people werent interested - or at least the people who wouldnt be likely to exploit what was done to me werent interested - a lot of TV shows etc would exploit my condition

Instantly, I smell a rat, obviously. How on earth could he deem me "friendly" by my one word response to him?! And then there's the whole "condition" he's got that SO many people want to exploit, but no one to help with (awwwww, how sad) :(

So I sent him this:

I understand the pity party thing, got my own going on right now for various reasons. Nothing medical, fortunately. Why don't you create a blog, or look for support groups for your condition? I'm sure there's a forum somewhere with other people that have your condition. Try or It helps talking to other people that are going thru something similar.

I am not about to take his bait and ask WHAT his condition is. I hear nothing back, so I figured he got the hint, and will realize that I'm not going to fall for his scam. But after a bit, he tries again!

Is it ok to talk with you about my condition - my feelings - life like this - please?

Are you serious? Was I not caustic enough the first time? Apparently not! Gotta work on that.

No. I only allow positive people in my life. I don’t have time for anyone to drag me down with their negativity. Change your own damn life, don’t expect others to change it for you.

That should do it!


Spyder said...

He never said which blog?

Janet said...

Really, the only two blogs I have that lead back to that email are the old Hoochi Mama blog and the new Sader Mama blog. They both have links to the other. Well, the family blog might lead to that email, but I don't think so.

(I have too damn many email accounts!)

Faith said...

Is this a new form of perverted contact attempt? I got a pervy phone call a couple of weeks ago, but I wonder what I'd do if I got an email like this from someone in the middle of the day!

Good job on the responses, sista. People are so weird!

Ambitious Fledgling said...

lol So did he quit emailing??