Monday, November 5, 2007

Because I'm bored.

Alright, peeps. I'm kinda bored with my hair. I'm not changing the color (EVER!), so a new style it must be. There's a poll on the right underneath the "about me" section.

The short cut would look something like this:
or this:
Long, my hair does this, except more shiny:

I reserve the right to totally ignore all of the votes and go with what I want, if I ever figure out what it is that I want!

(I know, this is like my third post today, what's up with that?)


Fate said...

Maybe you should shave it like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta?

Hey, it'd get reactions, right?


A Librarian said...

What if I pick the wrong answer and you come home with the wrong haircut and cry for hours (ok that was me in the 7th grade) but still, this may be more pressure than I can handle. On the other hand, I am sure all three will look fabulous on you so I vote for the short one.

Janet said...

/smacks fate/

Believe it or not, my hair has been almost that short! Doesn't look good at all. Really.


Spyder said...

Keith- I vote with you in mind (long enough to grab). Well, you know me, I want faster gratification so I say the shorter (besides it's cute!)

m.toast said...

I vote for No. 1...

Heather said...

I like the short cut. It's short enough to be fun, yet long enough to fall in your face during those opportune moments. Men like that.

Pair it with your penguin socks, and there will be no stopping you!